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The Kobra Sight is a Russian reflex sight developed for the AK series of assault rifles.

Insurgency Sandstorm[]

The 1x Kobra is a reflex sight featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm.


In Insurgency, the Kobra Sight is the reflex sight avaliable to the Insurgent faction. It is based off of the Russian Kobra sight that has been a mainstay for AK-series rifles. The Kobra sight can be attached to all Insurgent primary weapons in regular play and onto Security weapons in CO-OP.


  • Thin sight posts provide a clear view of peripheral vision
  • Small reticule allows for less obstruction when firing at distant targets
  • Short aim time
  • Low supply point cost

  • Small reticle leads to decreased visibility in areas of high light
  • Default Kobra sight model is highly self-obstructive, blocking off a significant portion of the lens.


  • The reticule on the Kobra sight is set to the CQB setting with three prongs. 
  • Without mods, the Kobra sight's frame is the least obstructive of any optic.