The Kobra Sight is a Russian reflex sight developed for the AK series of assault rifles.

Insurgency Sandstorm Edit

1x Kobra
File:IS 1x Kobra.png
General information
General statistics
Optic magnification1x

Insurgency Edit

Kobra Sight
INS Kobra Sight
General information
OperatorsFac ins mono Insurgent Forces
  • All classes
General statistics
Optic magnification1x
Supply points ?1 Icon supply

In Insurgency, the Kobra Sight is the reflex sight avaliable to the Insurgent faction. It is based off of the Russian Kobra sight that has been a mainstay for AK-series rifles. The Kobra sight can be attached to all Insurgent primary weapons in regular play and onto Security weapons in CO-OP.

Performance Edit

  • Thin sight posts provide a clear view of peripheral vision
  • Small reticule allows for less obstruction when firing at distant targets
  • Short aim time
  • Low supply point cost

  • Small reticle leads to decreased visibility in areas of high light
  • Default Kobra sight model is highly self-obstructive, blocking off a significant portion of the lens.

Trivia Edit

  • The reticule on the Kobra sight is set to the CQB setting with three prongs. 
  • Without mods, the Kobra sight's frame is the least obstructive of any optic. 

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