The PK-AS/ASV is an advanced reflex sight manufactured by BelOMO (Belarusian Optical & Mechanical Association). It is a unique advanced scope as it is powered, but if the battery dies, the red dot becomes a black dot, allowing the wielder to still know where they are aiming if their sight loses power.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Edit

1.5x PK-AS
File:IS 1.5x PK-AS.png
General information
OperatorsFac sec mono Security Forces
Fac ins mono Insurgent Forces
General statistics
Optic magnification1.5x
Supply points ?1

"A 1.5x magnification scope for short range engagements."
— In-game description

The 1.5x PK-AS is a reflex sight featured in Insurgency: Sandstorm.


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